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UFO - SET OF 3 - VM36-38

UFO - SET OF 3 - VM36-38

Ref: 879-550

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Total Price:    $104.95

This Ultimate Flow Optimizer (UFO) is a simple pop-in device that seals off the venturi robbing characteristics of Mikuni carburetor slides. The UFO is a trouble free, aerodynamic piece that fits Mikuni carburetors from 30 mm through 44 mm. The UFO makes a normal round slide carburetor out-perform the more expensive flat slide carburetor by eliminating turbulence and increasing air flow and velocity, creating a highly atomized fuel charge. Normal gains are 3/4 to 1 HP per 100 cc of engine displacement. (Rejetting and tuning are required).
  • More horsepower with less fuel
  • Broader power band
  • Explosive throttle response
  • Superior fuel atomization
  • Less sensitive to temperature, altitude and jetting changes
  • Cleaner emissions
  • Cooler running engine

    36 mm Arctic Cat and All 38 mm Carbs - Triple