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Dalton Pro Ultimate Stainless TRA Pins

Dalton Pro Ultimate Stainless TRA Pins

Ref: 815-506

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  • Heat Treated stainless outer housing is high strength and precision CNC machined for exact fit and ultra smooth, hard, corrosion free surface. Some other heavy pins are made from exotic metals that are brittle, have poor machinability and surface finish and cause excessive wear on the roller bushings.
  • Weight adjustable 14.5 to 25 grams! With these pins the weight is always centralized for balance and not loaded to one end.
  • Fully clicker adjustable! Many adjustable pins above 21g must remain in #4 or higher for clearance of the governor cup. Dalton Pro Ultimate Stainless pins can be use in ANY CLICKER POSITION allowing much more flexibility when clutch tuning.