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Dummy Clutch Tool - Ski Doo TRA II

Dummy Clutch Tool - Ski Doo TRA II

Ref: 725-464

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The "Dummy" Clutch Tool - This clutch tool allows you to remove the drive clutch cover quickly and easily - by yourself! You will be able to remove and compress the cover and spring without damage to any clutch components or your knuckles. It can be used with the clutch on or off the engine.

"This is a great tool for tuning clutch ON THE SLED!! It had been around for many years but not many know about it. This is for the racer, mountain climber and just a good tool to have for maintance. The tool make a hard job super easy. Use to remove the spring and or change the weights on or off machine. It is small enough to take with you on the sled and with a few other tools adjustment can be made wherever! It seem like everybody that bought and used it says it is the best tool ever!!"

  • Precision machined from steel
  • Allows you to remove and install the drive clutch cover quickly and easily by yourself
  • Safe and easy way to remove the spring, no matter how long or stiff it is
  • Also ensures the cover goes on perfectly flush and centered so there will never be damage to the bushing from binding or misalignment
  • Great for the expert or beginner to have so you can easily take the spring out, check the rollers, check moveable sheeve slop and check or replace weights
  • If you're into racing or trail tuning there will be many benefits for you: First of all, you will not ever have bloody knuckles again!!
  • Change weights or springs, easily!
  • Can also use air tools, power drills or a hand ratchet
  • Used by trail riders, racers, mechanics and dealerships.

  • Ski-Doo TRA II (except 583)
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