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Big Wheel Shop Dolly

Big Wheel Shop Dolly

Ref: 710-208

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The big wheeled shop dolly allows you to easily move your sled over obstacles, gravel, snow, slush or garage thresholds. The high-pressure tires withstand the extreme weight of today's sleds. The "swept back" design aids in leverage for easy lifting - and gives total clearance with the balance point being achieved without the cross bar ever coming close to the handlebars or windshield.

  • Big Nylon wheels make small work of moving sleds
  • Narrow profile high-strength Nylon wheels have a 20 in. large diameter for easy use with any sled
  • Can handle sleds up to 41.5 in. wide -- dolly tires are high pressure to withstand the weight
  • Sleds can be easily moved over obstacles thanks to large wheel diameter
  • Made using large diameter heavy-gauge tubing for superior strength
  • Dolly firmly grips sleds using 10" high-density urethane pads that won't mar finishes
  • Secure fit from adjustable quick strap
  • Attachment hook is PVC-coated to save your sleds finish
  • Design is swept-back for easier lifting
  • Crossbar is kept away from windshield and handlebars using a low balance point
  • Retractable legs lift sleds without trailing arms and older leaf-spring suspension models without damage