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Power Commander PCFC - Polaris

Power Commander PCFC - Polaris

Ref: 70-180

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The Power Commander Fuel Control system is a low cost alternative to the Power Commander V (PCV).
All of the same fuel maps that are available from Starting Line Products for the PCV can be used in the PCFC as well.

Features & Benefits:
  • Lower cost and simplicity (compared to the PCV)
  • End-user custom fuel mapping capabilities: Plug into your laptop or PC with the included computer link cable (similar to the PCV)

  • 2015-16 800 Axys

    Note: The PCFC cannot be outfitted with optional accessories such as Autotune, Wideband 2 and the LCD display; and the PCFC does not have ignition timing control capabilities like some of the PCV models.