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Wideband 2 with POD-300

Wideband 2 with POD-300

Ref: 70-176

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Wideband 2 with POD-300 Display from Dynojet
This wideband O2 gauge is an extremely accurate and capable unit. Complete with it's own POD-300 Digital display, it makes precision fuel injection tuning easy. It allows the user to monitor and record O2, throttle position, RPM, and one other 0 to 5 volt analog input such as manifold air pressure, boost pressure, etc.
  • Can be used as a stand alone unit, or connected to a Power Commander V (PCV). When connected to a PCV, the injector duty cycle and percent of change can also be monitored and recorded.
  • Has the ability to test the sensor condition at any elevation to ensure the data you are receiving is accurate
  • This unit is extremely beneficial for precision fuel injection tuning