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Hiperfax Slides, 43.25

Hiperfax Slides, 43.25" - 1996-99 Polaris XTRA 10

Ref: 550-924

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Patented Hiperfax slides reduce friction for increased speed and extended slide life.
Standard slides have a melt (wear) point of 300 degrees (F). Hiperfax slides have a melt point of 750 degrees (F).
This remarkable slide is Teflon like, but has a Graphite strip dovetailed into it to reduces heat and friction better than anything else on the market.
  • Improved fuel economy and slide rail life
  • Sold per PAIR

  • 1996-99 Polaris XTRA 10

    NOTE: For tracks that do not have a clip and crossbar every pitch, such as the Camoplast tracks with 2 open/1 closed window design, you must use Track Slide Wear Pads:
  • 611-815 (40pk)
  • 611-817 (32pk)