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10.4" Conversion Kit

Ref: 50001

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Black Diamond's 10.4" Conversion KitTM produces improved shifting characteristics and reduced belt slippage. The larger diameter produces a lower gear ratio at engagement giving the snowmobile a smoother take off. While at top end the larger diameter allows more contact surface with the belt. The increased contact area minimizes belt slippage allowing the clutch to run cooler. The 10.4" Conversion KitTM consists of factory balanced 10.4" sheaves. You utilize your existing cam, spring and rollers. A different drive belt will be necessary due to the larger diameter.
  • NOTE: 2006 Firecats, T660, ZR 900 and all 2007 & newer have a 10.4" driven clutch
  • NOTE: All (except M-Series) will also need a LH deflection adjustor - part #50035