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Interparts Complete Drive Axle, Rear L-R - 2003-15 Honda

Interparts Complete Drive Axle, Rear L-R - 2003-15 Honda

Ref: 456-219

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Rear, Left & Right
  • Assembled with only high quality NEW Interparts components
  • Designed to meet rigid tolerances and to fit OEM applications
  • No remanufactured joints or inertia welded conversion joints are used in any Interparts assembly
  • Manufactured, checked and tested under quality systems certified ISO 9001 or ISO/TS 16949
  • Fully assembled outboard and inboard joints installed on a 4340 chromoly steel axle bar
  • All axles include a spindle nut and washer where applicable
  • All internal precision ground components are assembled using high-temperature, high load-bearing, moly grease
  • All axles are engineered in the USA
  • All axles are assembled using stainless steel low-profile clamps

  • 2003-06 TRX650 4X4 RINCON Both
  • 2006-07 TRX680 4X4 RINCON Both
  • 2008-15 TRX680 4X4 TRX680FA A/2A Both
  • 2008-09 TRX680 4X4 TRX680FGA A/2A Both