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10.5" Smoke Windshield - 1984-99 Yamaha

Ref: 450-628

Our Price:

Total Price:    $25.67

Replaces OEM# 8X9-77210-00 and 8BH-77210-00

DO NOT unwrap you windshield until you are absolutely positive it is the right one. Windshields which have had the wrapping removed are NOT RETURNABLE.

Windshield O-rings, darts, retainers, etc. are NOT included with windshield - they need to be purchased separately.

  • 1984-98 Phazer / Phazer II
  • 1999 Phazer Mountain Lite

    Note: All windshields are protected with plastic shrinkwrap for shipping. Before removing, be certain that you are going to keep it. Windshields with plastic wrap removed are not returnable.