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G-Force Belt - 2012-13 Arctic Cat 1100cc

G-Force Belt - 2012-13 Arctic Cat 1100cc

Ref: 38G4494

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G-Force drive belts deliver proven results for todays recreational and utility all-terrain equipment.
Designed for superior fit, performance and durability, G-Force requires zero clutching adjustments at installation. Whether trail riding, farming, ranching or extreme riding, G-Force belts are engineered for demanding off-road conditions.
  • OEM-constructed drop-in belt with no clutching adjustments
  • Tested under extreme conditions in controlled environments as well as race vehicles
  • Viability testing completed to match shift curves
  • Dynamometer testing proves G-Force belts outlast other high-performance belts by as much as five times
  • Advanced aramid tensile cords and reinforced fiber-loaded undercord are used in construction for durability and dependability
  • Top-cog construction
  • Proprietary measuring technology ensures exact fit
  • Construction utilizes double- and single-cog configurations to match OEM belt designs maximizing heat control and flexibility

  • 2012-13 F1100 LXR / F1100 Sno Pro / F1100 Turbo LXR / F1100 Turbo Sno Pro
  • 2013 F1100 Sno Pro LTD / F1100 Turbo Sno Pro LTD / F1100 Turbo Sno Pro RR
  • 2012 F1100 Sno Pro Limited / F1100 Turbo Sno Pro Limited
  • 2012-13 M1100 153" / M1100 Turbo 153" / M1100 Turbo HCR 162" / M1100 Turbo Sno Pro 162"
  • 2012 M1100 Sno Pro 153" / M1100 Sno Pro Limited 153" / M1100 Turbo Sno Pro Limited 162"
  • 2013 M1100 Turbo Sno Pro LTD 162"
  • 2013 XF1100 Crosstour / XF1100 Sno Pro LTD / XF1100 Turbo Crosstour / XF1100 Turbo Sno Pro High Country LTD / XF1100 Turbo Sno Pro LTD
  • 2012-13 XF1100 LXR / XF1100 Sno Pro / XF1100 Turbo LXR / XF1100 Turbo Sno Pro / XF1100 Turbo Sno Pro High Country
  • 2012 XF1100 Sno Pro Limited / XF1100 Turbo Sno Pro Limitied