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Hot Air Elimination Kit for Pro-Ride & Rush Chassis - Side Panel Rear

Hot Air Elimination™ Kit for Pro-Ride & Rush Chassis - Side Panel Rear

Ref: 32-623

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These vent kits provide strategically placed inlet and outlet vents to evacuate the hot air that's trapped inside your engine compartment.
  • Featuring SLP's Max Flow air vent technology
  • Utilizes injection molding encapsulate stainless steel mesh to provide the maximum air flow through the chassis while keeping snow out
  • More readily shed snow and more durable

    Side Panel Rear
    Sold as a Pair

    Fits Pro-Ride Chassis:
  • 2010-14 Rush 600/800
  • 2012-16 600 RMK / Switchback Assault
  • 2013-16 Indy
  • 2011-16 800 RMK / Switchback RMK, Assault RMK, Switchback Assault (except Axys Models)