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Hot Air Elimination Kit - 2005-06 Polaris IQ Models - Left

Hot Air Elimination™ Kit - 2005-06 Polaris IQ Models - Left

Ref: 32-522

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SLP Hot Air Elimination Kits help reduce stagnant underhood hot air to maintain higher horsepower by delivering additional cold air intake and hot air escape from the chassis.
  • The kit for the left side helps to keep the clutches running cool, which considerably reduces the chance for performance loss due to heat saturation and improves belt life.
  • Vents utilize a powder snow pre-filter that repels snow and water, yet allows air to pass right through.

  • ALL FST - Left Side (Clutch Side)
  • 2006 700(755) RMK & Switchback - Left Side (Clutch Side)
  • 2005-06 900 RMK & Switchback - Left Side (Clutch Side)