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Bunk Wrap for Boat Trailers

Bunk Wrap for Boat Trailers

Ref: 23050

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Renew Your Old Shaggy Carpeted Bunks with a Permanent Solution!
  • Reduce the spread of invasive species
  • Eliminate electrolysis breakdown on aluminum
  • Wraps directly over carpet or on bare wood!
  • Slot fastening for wrinkle-free temp adjustment
  • Great for trailers and boat lifts!
  • Made with proprietary High-Impact Glide Guard technology plastic
  • Material will not wear, crack, chip or fade
  • This is a permanent solution, GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

  • 2x4 Gray on 16' Roll w/4 Endcaps & Stainless Hardware

    Installation Note:
  • With Bunk Wraps there is no need to remove your old worn out carpet. Just mount the Bunk Wraps right over the top!
  • Make sure to put a layer of wax on you hull during installation.