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Maximum Duty Flywheel Puller - Polaris

Maximum Duty Flywheel Puller - Polaris

Ref: 20-142

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Pull those tough flywheels with ease using this SLP built puller.
  • The strongest and most durable flywheel puller available, its outside diameter measures 3 inches and its base is 1 inches thick.
  • This puller is supplied with high quality grade 10.9 bolts: six 6mm short, six 6mm long, and three 8mm long.

    For Polaris Snowmobiles, Watercraft, and ATV

    Note: This is made only for 3 bolt pattern flywheels. For 2 and 4 bolt pattern flywheels, use Universal Heavy Duty Flywheel Puller, #20-205, above.