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Driven Clutch Adjuster - ACT (Diamond) Drive

Driven Clutch Adjuster - ACT (Diamond) Drive

Ref: 175206

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Clutch Adjuster
  • Precise, accurate, and easy belt deflection adjustment.
  • Eliminates the need for shim washers and the stripped plastic of stock units.
  • Simple to adjust using spanner wrench and Allen wrench.
  • Also a safe and simple method for changing drive belts.
  • Billet aluminum construction with anti friction ring to prevent clutch galling.
  • Proper belt deflection improves performance and extends belt life.
    All 2006-09 Arctic Cat ACT
  • LH Threads
  • 2005-06 use Stock Spanner
  • 2007-09 use Fett Brothers Spanner #175208
  • Includes LH threaded adjuster, Allen wrench, vented bolt, and instructions