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Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plug (BPR8ES)

Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plug (BPR8ES)

Ref: 165-001

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Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs are the best solution for High Performance and Racing Engines - taking spark plug technology to a whole new level!
  • Silver is the best conducter of any metal - provides superior electron flow for best possible spark delivery
  • Beneficial in all applications - but especiallu in applications where the ignition system is pushed to the limit in modified power applications
  • Superior ignition ability increases engine power
  • Good resistance to fouling and easier starts
  • Supercharged / Turbocharged / Nitrous Engines
  • Beneficial even for old vehicles with a weak ignition systems and/or excessive oil consumption

    NGK Equivalent:
  • BPR8ES
  • BPR9ES
  • BP8ES
  • BP8HN-10
  • BP8HS-10
  • BP8HS-15