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SLP High Flow Intake Kit - 2013-17 Ski Doo 800 E-TEC

SLP High Flow™ Intake Kit - 2013-17 Ski Doo 800 E-TEC

Ref: 14-324

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This High Flow Intake kit for the XM/XS Ski-Doo models adds additional intake surface area to provide more available cold air to the engine for more horsepower and running consistency. It utilizes our famous Powder Valve system that is vacuum operated and only opens when the demand of the engine places a vacuum on the air box. It combines these with a filter placed in the side of the cowling just in front of the fuel tank and above the tunnel. The kit fully seals the surrounding area to insure that only cold air is being induced into the system. It is especially beneficial when running in deep snow conditions where the stock filters are being plugged. It is also highly recommended to compliment other horsepower adding parts.

  • 2013-17 800 E-TEC Summit XM
  • 2013-17 800 E-TEC MXZ / Renegade XS