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SLP Flow-Rite Intake Kit, 2.5

SLP Flow-Rite Intake Kit, 2.5" hole - Polaris

Ref: 14-197

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2" Snap-In Flow Rite
Eliminate air intake restrictions by installing the Flow-Rite into the dash for more airbox feed.
  • The Flow-Rite is supplied with a powder snow pre-filter that repels snow and water, yet passes air right through.
  • A must for modified sleds.
  • Sold per each.

    SLP part number 14-197 is designed for ease of installation on flat or nearly flat surfaces.
  • Requires a 2 1/2" size hole saw which is readily available from any hardware store.
  • Installation is a snap: hole saw the hole, debur the edges, clean hole saw shavings and snap Flow-Rite into place.

    Polaris Edge/IQ RMK/Switchback