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Ski-Doo Pipe

Ski-Doo Pipe

Ref: 09-892

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  • 2011 800 E-Tec Summit

    Provides an additional 7 horsepower and reduces weight by 15 pounds on 2012-15 models (14 pounds on 2011 models). This results in quicker acceleration with more top-end speed. As an added bonus this pipe set is compatible with the stock fuel injection system of this engine so there is no additional fueling required. This pipe set comes standard with ceramic coating on the pipe, y-pipe and silencer. Y-pipe to cylinder gaskets included.

    SLP tested and passed SAE J-2567 stationary sound test below 88 decibels.

    Hint: For easier y-pipe installation we recommend the use of 6mm x 5" long 3/8" drive ball end allen.

    2011 models utilize Era 2007 Silencing Technology

    2012-15 models utilize ERA 2014 Silencing Technology